Off-Page SEO Techniques that Would help in Increasing the Web Page Ranking in SERP

by admin / 16th January 2020 /

Most  Seo service providers in Kochi make use of some different off-page techniques to improve the optimization of web pages and sites. Off-Page SEO is not all about backlinks as you think. It involves a number of elements like the overall authority of the website, relevance, signals and much more. Here are some of the main techniques used by the professional service providers in Kerala mostly Kochi to improve the ranking of the site in SERP or Search Engine Result Page. Don’t just keep yourself depending on the On-Page SEO techniques if you are aiming for a higher ranking. Make sure that you use the below mentioned off-page techniques while publishing a post. Some of the major Off-Page SEO tactics which could be used by service providers in Kochi are given below. 

Social Networking Sites:

Social media and networks are one of the fastest-growing in the world. Mostly known as the “Online Reputation Management” to get localized or to get involved with the social media site is one of the basic steps where you can start with advertising, marketing and build an online reputation within the public and the users. Some of the most popular social networking sites that you could use in building a reputation are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more. These sites allow you to extend the connections and contacts with friends and others through which you can share ideas and promote the websites and blogs which would help you in building a better online reputation.


Blogging is one of the most effective ways of promoting the website. Writing a blog would keep your readers and visitors more entertained and attached to the page. Keeping the web-pages and websites updated would increase your content relevance in the sites. Blogging would also help the search engines crawl the site more often because they have to keep the pages updated with the latest blog posts, which would in place help you rank better in the SERP or search engine result page. Users should produce a number of unique content for the blog such as Infographics, Tutorials, Top Lists, Viral Videos and much more. If you are not good at blogging then you are free to hire a guest blogger and ask them to write SEO related content so that you can attain the best result in the search engine result page.

Blog Marketing

Blogs do influence the readers a lot in staying connected with your page. Comments on other blog posts with almost the same niche as that of yours would help you add a link in the comment section. These added links could be then crawled by the means of search engines to help them point to your site. These blogs are commonly known as "do-follow" blogs where the viewers and readers could comment.

Forum Marketing

You should find online forums that you could relate to your sites and thereby get involved with that particular community. It is important that you reply to the thread, answer the calls and quarries of the people and offer advice to them. All these elements would help you built a better reputation similar to someone who is an expert in the field. You could try using “Do-Follow” Forums so that you could include the link in the site with the signature and help the search engine crawl the site.

 Directory Submission

Most people say that the Directory Submission is a dead end but it is not. With Directory Submission, you could increase the chances of the people seeing and using your website. The method is completely based on the effective ways we use in selecting the directories and the efficiency we show in selecting the submission category. You are even free to submit for general directories but niche directories would provide you with maximum effective results. Even though Directory Submission would give delayed results, the results produced are static.

 Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is yet another key factor in promoting the website. Here you could submit different blogs and pages to the best and most popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumble-Upon, Delicious and much more. Search engines mostly like these book-marking sites as the contents of these sites are updated on a regular basis. You must be really careful while doing social bookmarking and should handle the tags effectively which are used to publish your works on the site. You effective participation here would help in increasing the website traffic

Link Baiting

This is yet another well-known and most used way of promoting a site and thereby helping other people to link in. Make sure that you use the proper link if using a copied or published work or content on your site. Do the same for others and if they find the content worthy let the other so the same for you. This is one of the best ways to increase link popularity.

Local Listings

Other than the site niche, you could find the local listing a bit more useful. It is possible that you have websites that are helping in promoting the local business, so it is better to list the websites locally than working it globally and facing loss and compensation. By local listing, the search engine could without difficulty view the website and thus get the content easily. This would give a much better result than listing it globally and help you reach the target. You could submit the contents of sites like Yahoo Local, Google Local, Yellow Pages, Maps and much more.

Article Submission

Writing articles is one of the easiest ways of optimizing the page. If you write the articles by yourself, then you are free to submit them to a number of different article directory sites which mostly include sites like, Ezine, Now Public, Go Articles and much more. This method would greatly help you drive better traffic to the site while you can attain a number of links to your site from different people. Though the process is a bit slow the result would be static.

Social Shopping Network

Submitting your works to different online shopping websites would be one of the best ways in which you could brand or advertise your product for free if you own an e-commerce site. You are free to submit your products to sites like Yahoo Online Shopping, Google Product Search, MSN Online Shopping and a number of other online shopping sites which are social and networkable like Style Feeder, Kaboodle and much more. Through these sites, you could increase the chance of people viewing the products that you are selling.

Answer Questions

You could take active participation in answering questions in different sites like yahoo answers. By asking the point questions and answering queries on your site niche, you will be able to build up the reputation of being a professional with expert knowledge in the filed chosen. If necessary you could even place links in source selection of your website which would help people find your website without difficulty. If your work doesn't get spammed this is one of the best and most effective methods in which you could increase the popularity of your links

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